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Marital Affair in Manchester

As anyone who comes from Manchester will tell you, the city is fiercely proud of its liberal traditions and attitudes towards tolerance and equality, making it one of the most colourful and diverse places in the United Kingdom. Those setting out on conducting an affair in the city can be assured that they are unlikely to draw attention as they go about their date, and with such freedom, there’s a variety of great destinations to enjoy.

The Lowry is one of the UK’s most important cultural hang-outs and as such offers a wide range of local and international theatre and art. Even if you’re not used to visiting such culturally high-brow institutions, remember that the brain is by far and away from the body’s most erogenous zone and a mutual enjoyment of learning to understand such art can be a really great way of sealing a union. This is also a great place when looking to make an impression on a first date, being sexier than meeting in pub or cafe, and provides a natural means of breaking the ice and getting a date rolling.

Manchester also offers a great number of independent cinemas that are far more romantic than the bland modern multiplexes that seem to dominate the industry nowadays. The Cornerhouse has rapidly become a Manchester institution offering a sophisticated yet unpretentious atmosphere with a pervading romanticism and is a great place for a discreet meetup. Plus the lights are down – and that’s always a bonus!

The city is well known for its range of world-class music venues, bars and clubs, especially around the famous canal district. Although once synonymous with the gay scene, the modern reality is that these venues are open to all comers provided they bring the appropriate live-and-let-live attitude. One thing can be taken as a given – these places are easy-going, laid back and trouble-free – making them great for those searching for somewhere to unwind amidst a hassle-free crowd.

Manchester’s ‘ask no questions’ approach has also seen the city develop quite a number of hotels that explicitly cater for short term stays. Far from the old idea of tired and dirty cheap hotels, the best of these now resemble boutique guesthouses with concierge service and the highest standards of cleanliness and – of course – discretion. Naturally, these are ideal for indulging a few stolen hours with an illicit love and are perfect for those looking to make the most of Manchester’s positive and progressive vibe.

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