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Marital Affair in Nottingham

Few places in Britain have experienced such a dramatic history as Nottingham, and there’s no doubt that the compelling sense of intrigue and drama that played such a role in the growth of this great city is still at the heart of the community today. For this reason alone Nottingham is a fantastic place to conduct a shadowy affair, and there are a great number of options that are ideal for couples playing a low profile game.

Nottingham has no shortage of visitors thanks to its history and mythology, and when looking for a first meet, these crowds of day-trippers are excellent cover – especially as the locals tend not to pass a second glance. The area around the castle is, without doubt, the most atmospheric area of the city centre, and the ancient pub ‘Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem’ half-built into caves offers a great place to find a snuggly corner in the shadows. Alternatively, weather permitting, there’s a large outside area that is fabulous for a little people watching as the crowds make their way up towards the castle – indeed there are few better ways to break the ice!

Couples who have been on a few dates and are comfortable with each other’s company often neglect the classic opportunity that a visit to the theatre offers. There are few more discreet places to enjoy a little cultural exercise than the Nottingham Playhouse, were special discretion can be assured by taking care to reserve tickets in the higher sections. For some real backseat action in the dark, there are plenty of quality cinemas that provide the perfect excuse to relive those youthful memories, with the independent Broadway Cinema being one of the superior options thanks to an enlightened, liberal and easy-going clientele.

Dining out can be one of the biggest stresses for those enjoying an illicit affair, as it can be very difficult to avoid looking at the door worried as to who may or may not enter next, regardless of how unlikely it may be. A little creativity can go a long way in navigating this and ensuring a great date, and one local idea would be to take a cruise on the Nottingham Princess. Rarely used by locals, and offering graceful and discreet dining, it is an excellent way of taking control of the environment and ensuring that both partners can relax and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Indeed there’s no shortage of places to go in Nottingham depending on personal interests and how daring the mood takes a couple. Other great places to meet up with an easy-going and non-presumptuous crowd would be Rocket@Saltwater or the Maze Club, with The Walk Cafe also offering quality food in discreet yet central surroundings. So while it pays to plan, be open-minded as to the many attractions that this city offers those enjoying a few stolen hours together. Sign up today and you will have taken the first step towards discovering this amazing city.

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