Why this site works

Why does this site work?

There’s no big secret to why Marital Affair works. It’s simply the best platform to help married men and married women find the passion that they crave. Here’s why…

Why choose us?

Marital affair was developed to fill a void in adult dating, married dating and those looking for an affair. Quality dating sites of this nature are few and far between and Marital Affair wanted to increase the options available for those seeking adult interaction.

What Marital Affair looks like

When you join Marital Affair, we give you a comprehensive display panel so you don’t miss a thing. Recommended members, New members, New photos and new Diary entries all within an easy to use display area.

Why should I choose Marital Affair?

Because we have one of the largest databases of adults seeking adult interaction. Join us and you will find that extra slice of adult satisfaction that you are looking for.